Customer testimonials for Astrology consultations in South Australia

Read Cathy’s customer testimonials on my astrology consultations, available by phone, video call, or in-person in South Australia.


Making sense of my journey

“I initially had my astrological chart done a number of years ago by Cathy from Seagoat Philosophies and it has truly been a wonderful and guiding support for me as I navigate my way through life. Cathy’s knowledge of the planets, and the effects they have on my day to day life in relation to where they are on my birth chart, has really helped me to understand and make sense of my journey.

Often if things are topsy turvy in my life I will contact Cathy and have her interpret what is going on at that time with my birth chart and the planets. I am constantly amazed at the accuracy of Astrology and how we really can get so much clarity and direction by understanding it. It all really is all written in the Planets and to have Cathy’s beautiful, gentle energy interpreting the magic of Astrology is such a gift. I will be forever grateful to Cathy for following her path and for supporting me along my own.”

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