About Cathy Schier, Astrologer

I have been studying Astrology for over 20 years. I am a qualified Astrologer and gained the internationally recognised qualification Diploma of Astrology from the Astrological Guild of Educators with distinctions, under world recognised, Mari Garcia and Joy Usher at Astromundi.  My interest is in traditional Astrology as I believe the ancient techniques provide a lot more depth and accuracy than modern Astrological techniques.  I’m also really interested in myths and archetypes and how they play out in our everyday psyche.  The planetary weather has always fascinated me and I feel very in tune with energetic patterns and cycles.

I also have an interest in Australian Bush Flower Essences, having completed practitioner qualifications in ABFE, including ABFE and Kinesiology and Numerology. Personal blends can be individually made. With an understanding of an individual’s motivations, drives and instinctual habits with an astrological profile, it is possible to provide emotional support and personal growth on a profound level.

Having worked in adult education and counseling for almost thirty years, I enjoy engaging with people of all ages, listening, and hearing their individual journey.

Astrology has provided me with a profound tool to assist in unraveling blockages, negative patterns, and confidence issues as well as coping with change and disruption during personal cycles.

Artwork featured on this site

Artist Statement – Kristen Johnson  Chiggy

As an emerging Artist, my style is bold, bright and intuitive. I paint with no real plan as to where or how my painting will end and what may emerge.

I began painting using this ‘intuitive’ technique simply to achieve two seemingly simple goals. Firstly, it was to feed my deep desire to paint and secondly, to overcome my fear of failing. I was frustrated and afraid I wouldn’t be able to paint. The process of intuitive painting was described to me as fun, easy and there are no mistakes. It was these simple descriptions that helped me move forward and achieve some wonderful, life changing goals.

This has been a short but amazing explorative journey and I am not anywhere near finished. I aim to continue exploring this painting process and am excited to see where it takes me.

I draw my inspiration from my immediate environment, from my heart and soul, people, music and life experiences.

I have chosen to use acrylic on canvas, as it is a sensory medium, I often paint using my hands and fingers, foam brushes and fine paintbrushes. It can be a messy process.

My work is about me and where I am sitting in this fast-paced life we are all living. If I can create a piece of artwork with layers of emotions, experiences, release, affirmations and gratitude. When finished it has depth, creates interest and emotion, then I feel my job as an artist is working.

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