Astrology consultations by phone, video call or in person in South Australia

Seagoat astrology consultations can take place in person in the Riverland, South Australia, Adelaide, or anywhere in Australia. Consultation can take place via telephone or skype as well.

Astrology consultation packages

A package is prepared based on your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. If you do not know your time of birth, please take some time to ask parents or relatives or even research hospital records.

A package includes details about your chart, predictive elements such as lunar and solar returns, transits and progressions and a discussion about the asteroids in your chart.

Basic Natal Chart Interpretation
$200 - 2 hours

The Natal birth chart interpretation is the best place to start if you have never had a reading or birth chart interpretation before. The reading will interpret your birth time blueprint and the energies expressed in through your personality. I will describe your Ascendant, Sun, Moon signs, ruling planets as well as aspects to inner and outer planets.     You will need to supply your birth time and place as well as time of birth (as close as possible) before I can begin to draw up the chart.  We then meet and have a conversation about the energies present and unique to you.

Predictive Transits and Progressions
$150 - 90 mins

In this consultation, I will map out the astrological weather for coming months and year using transits and progressions to your natal chart.  This is not a psychic reading and I will be using mathematical methods to chart planetary movement and likely effects on different parts of your life.  This is not a consultation to find out ‘the bad stuff’ that is happening but moreover to note difficult times or challenging periods and to mark out likely start and ending or resolution dates. The reading gives helpful information on how to ‘use’ the energy so that it doesn’t ‘use you’.

If you are confused or feel beaten by a series of life events, this consult can assist in making sense of it all as well as look to the future and how to manage the direction you want to take.

Many people find that going over a particularly difficult period helps them to debrief and see patterns sometimes throughout their life.  At particularly difficult times, I will refer to professional heath advice to get support rather than relying solely on esoteric information.

Children and Young People
$85 - 60 mins

This consult will unravel the innate personality of your child. Through understanding their Sun, Moon and personal planets, you will be able to see how they approach learning, how they interact with their friends and what their greatest fears might be, allowing you to support your child’s development throughout early childhood, the challenges of teenage years and into early adulthood.

Their personality and drive can be understood on a profound level. This can help you create the kind of home base that allows them to feel most comfortable for their growth into adulthood. Predictive elements describe the major cycles that occur at various stages of development and assist parents in understanding the child and supporting fully.  While a child’s chart is largely unlived, I provide a basic outline of basic energies as we do not want to pre-empt a child’s life. For teenagers, it is a useful tool to note difficult periods and how they may approach high school challenges.

Relationships and Synastry Consultation $300 - 2 hours

This consultation will look at the synastry between you and your partner. Personal, business or family member relationships can be analysed, giving you the tools to understand your partners’ needs and motivations at an unconscious level. It will give you the ability to step back and be better able to negotiate in difficult times. Understanding basic differences or differences in attitudes can go a long way towards compromise and loving relationships. A reading will reveal what it is that you are projecting onto a partner and how to meet your needs.  Partners can be lovers, marriage partners, business partners or colleagues.

Astro Chat' $60 per hour
$150 - 90 mins

Find out how astrology can help you, ask specific questions or chat about current cycles including weather and farming related questions. Health and traditional medical astrology questions can be addressed but not replaced by professional medical advice.

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