What is Astrology ?


Life Catcher by Kristen Johnson 2014

Astrology is an ancient science and art that has been practised for thousands of years in all cultures from observation of the skies with events and circumstances that occurred on Earth.
An astrology chart is a snapshot of the position of the Sun, Moon and planets at the very moment you were born and the sign and aspect that they create.
The Sun sign is the most familiar, but the Moon and other planets and asteroids are equally important in providing the picture of your life as it is to be on Earth.
The sign on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth, will be an indication of the outward personality that you project to others.
The Moon sign will indicate how you feel nurtured, your appetite and needs.
The outer planets link you with your generation and the generational characteristics.

An Astrology chart is not a 'fortune telling' tool. Moreover, it is a 'weather map' charting the course of weather for your life, assisting you to understand turbulent times and opportunitistic times. Predictive tools assist in understanding the changing environment that surrounds you.

How can it help me ?

You know you can't be neatly packaged in a "I'm a Leo and that's me parcel', you know you have many aspects to your personality, and are many things to all sorts of people, but who are you exactly and what is your primary motivation? What is your life journey all about? Why do you keep attracting the same kind of relationships and circumstances? If you are feeling lost or need a new direction, astrology can open up possibilities and get you thinking about what else is possible. Self understanding leads to self acceptance and realisation of other possibilities. Relationships, career focus, family dynamics, sense of place and home as well as predictive elements and more can be addressed in a consultation.

How can it aid my children ?

Astrology is most useful in helping you to understand the innate personality of your child. How they approach learning, how they interact with their friends and what their greatest fears might be, allows you to support your child's development throughout early childhood, the challenges of teenage years and into early adulthood.
In understanding their personality and drive, you can begin to address unmet needs. This can help you create the kind of secure base that allows them to feel most comfortable for their growth into adulthood and taking risks safely.

How can it benefit my relationship ?

By understanding your partners' needs and motivations at an unconscious level, you are better able to negotiate needs in difficult times. If your planets 'click' with planets of your nearest and dearest then life is going to be harmonious. Understanding these basic differences or differences in attitudes can go a long way towards compromise and loving relationships. It is far too simplistic to say 'I don't get on with Scorpio men/women', a reading will reveal what it is that you are projecting and how to decipher your Mars and Venus.

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