Consultations can take place in person in the Riverland, South Australia or in Adelaide or by telephone and skype.

A package is prepared based on your date of     

birth, time of birth and place of birth. If you do not know your time of birth, please take some time to ask parents or relatives or even research hospital records.

A package includes details about your chart, predictive elements such as lunar and solar returns, transits and progressions and a discussion about the asteroids in your chart.

The consultations are not a psychic reading, more a conversation around mathematical patterns with ancient mythology and knowledge together with modern psychological concepts providing the template for your life patterns.

Spirit Eagle by Kristen Johnson 2015


Cathy has a gentle yet supportive manner and offers a professional and confidential base for the consult.

Natal Package and Consultation $150

The Natal package and consultation is the best place to start if you have never had a reading or birthchart interpretation. The reading will interpret your birthtime blueprint and the patterns that are occurring and reoccurring. As we explore your chart and the pattern within it, we can reveal motivations and drives surrounding relationships, career focus, family dynamics, money and your sense of place.

Children and Young People $85

This package will unravel the innate personality of your child. Through understanding their Sun, Moon and personal planets, you will be able to see how they approach learning, how they interact with their friends and what their greatest fears might be, allowing you to support your child's development throughout early childhood, the challenges of teenage years and into early adulthood.
Their personality and drive can be understood on a profound level. This can help you create the kind of home base that allows them to feel most comfortable for their growth into adulthood. Predictive elements describe the major cycles that occur at various stages of development and assist parents in understanding the child and supporting fully.

A 45 min consult and chart outline package is included.

Relationships and Synastry Package $180

This package will look at the synastry between your chart and your partners. Personal, business or family member relationships can be analysed, giving you the tools to understand your partners' needs and motivations at an unconscious level. It will give you the ability to step back and better able to negotiate in difficult times. Understanding basic differences or differences in attitudes can go a long way towards compromise and loving relationships. A reading with reveal what it is that you are projecting onto a partner and how to meet your needs.
A 90min consult and synastry package included.


Predictive Package $125

Using several accurate predictive tools, this consultation focuses on your current year, as well as the year you have come from. If you are confused or feel beaten by a series of life events, this consult can assist in making sense of it all as well as look to the future and how to manage the direction you want to take.

Includes 60 mins consult and predictive package including Solar Return report. Ideally an initial Natal Chart interpretation would have occurred before this package.

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