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Essence blend for Anxiety - Brave blend

A parent of a young child was concerned that her daughter was suffering from night terrors and general 'bad feelings' at bed time. She was wetting her bed. Not willing to undergo the standard alarm mattress and aggravate the anxiety of bedtime and sleeping, the parent tried a blend of Australian Bush Flower Essences for fears, anxiety and phobias. The parent also consulted a GP to test for physical kidney and bladder issues. After a few days of taking the blend, morning and night, the bed wetting disappeared and the anxiety went. The child reported no more 'bad feelings' and appeared contented and relaxed. The child was also then willing to try the GP's advice of removing dairy from the diet, improving general wellbeing after the three week trial. This blend has been made into a popular custom blend 'Brave' and has been used for other children since with success. It is useful to note that kidneys store fear according to energetic medicine principles such as Chinese Medicine.

May, 2013