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Workplace Synastry

*This case study would normally be a verbal consultation with notes. It was a practitioner exam question that I have converted into a document to give an example of what a client can expect from a Synastry Consult Package.

Author and Consultant: Cathy Schier

Lucia and Caroline both live in Sydney and have worked together to develop a speech to text technology to help dyslexic children. They now want to formalise the partnership and set up in business together.  To examine the strengths of such a partnership and possible points to consider in doing so, the individual needs of each other’s charts will be considered and then the synastry of both charts will be examined.


Lucia has a Fixed Earth Ascendant with the chart ruler Venus. Lucia is seeking stability and security and would prefer a solid base on which to begin a business partnership. She seeks to do this through her work in her colleague, using her skills in communication and/or writing.  With Venus also influencing her day to day work, it is possible to see that Lucia values working as part of a team.  She certainly uses the Mercury Uranus in an inventive way to communicate, but she might like to also consider that she needs to have an element of independence and freedom in her day to day work schedule.

As a Sun Neptune Leo, she is a creative individual, who has the tendency to idealise situations and may not always be able to see the reality. She may also prefer to work from home and could become quite obsessive about her work.  Lucia is able to reinvent herself and bring a great deal of energy and focus to the partnership with her powerful Sun Pluto. However, it is also possible that Lucia may need to have control and this could upset the balance in the partnership.

With a Cardinal Earth Midheaven, Lucia has a disassociated Cross of Matter, she has competing drives for a fixed and stable approach, but does aspire to initiate and develop new projects in her work. With an Earth Midheaven, there is a sense of needing to create something for the long term and something that is lasting and provides for the future. The Ascendant can ‘sight’ the Midheaven in element so the primary motivation works towards personal aspirations. The Midheaven ruler is in detriment though in Water, so her long term aspirations may become clouded or unclear as she gets carried away in the inventive project details.

Lucia might need to consider her emotional needs in the business partnership and considering that she has a Uranus Sagittarius Moon, freedom and independence are going to be priorities.  She will need an element of independence and the freedom to move when she needs to. Space to be herself and time away from the partnership will be particularly important for Lucia. With the Nodal Axis conjuncting her Moon, Lucia may take a laissez faire or over optimistic approach to shared debt and resources, feeling comfortable with her own ideas about earnings.

Jupiter in the 11th is ‘at the bends’ of Lucia’s Nodal Axis, suggesting it is her idealistic hopes and dreams  or simply time with her friends, that trigger issues with shared resources and earnings.  Being the dispositor for her Moon, Lucia could easily become too carried away and need occasional grounding.


On the other hand, Caroline’s needs are very much geared towards shared resources and working in a partnership, especially when considering the stellium in her 8th house. She is also a Pluto Sun, which is amplified by the Jupiter conjunction and strongly individualised by the Uranus conjunction.  Here is a person who is very particular about getting the details right which is perfect as software programmer.  Her Cross of Matter is also Fixed and her primary motivation for ideas and knowledge, working towards a single goal. For Caroline, there are opportunities in working with another person but potential frustration in pooling resources as indicated by the Sun Saturn quincunx in her 8th house. She too, has a Saturn Mercury, able to focus very hard on achieving an outcome, the difference being that her Saturn Mercury is in opposition and it may sometimes feel that she is working hard towards an ideal rather than a tangible outcome. At its worst, there may be tension and conflict.

Caroline’s 2nd – 8th Nodal Axis suggests someone who habitually or instinctive takes control of shared resources, but has a drive to have independent earnings.

This is further accentuated by the Venus Mars conjunction in Libra, also bringing into focus the ideal of a creative partnership. Caroline may feel happy when she is working in a partnership but she must be careful that she does not ‘give away’ her drive and assertiveness to appease Lucia.  The Virgo Moon is ruling day to day work is also making the statement that Caroline feels emotional satisfaction in serving others, but she must be careful that she doesn’t begin to feel more like the ‘slave’ or ‘servant’ in the partnership.

In looking at the synastry in a bi-wheel, Lucia and Caroline have very good commonalities but they are also in danger of misinterpreting each other’s motivations and ideals. Understanding these, can bring about stronger and more successful partnership.

Lucia’s primary motivation and feminine Fixed Earth Ascendant indicates that she working towards different goals than Caroline. She is driven by need (Fixed Earth) and the ruler Venus is in a water sign (Cancer) accentuating the emotional need. It is a strong need as exaggerated by aspects to Jupiter and Pluto.

Caroline on the other hand, is driven by opportunity. She has a masculine Fixed Air Ascendant, the ruler is also in a masculine sign, she has tremendous drive to work towards this.  This fundamental difference in primary motivation may jeopardise the partnerships long term goals.

The similarity that the two share, is that their primary motivation is directed to communication which is inherently linked to relationships and specifically colleagues.  The only difference being that Lucia’s has a very gentle and feminine approach to Caroline and Caroline is more forceful and masculine. They have directed their energies into a cadent house and will need to exercise patience in allowing their project to develop. Lucia’s energies may be useful when directed in dealing with clients while Caroline can use her energies best by focussing on the software.

They both share aspects to the Ascendant in sextiles which is strong and provides opportunities in working with colleagues to realise their primary motivation. They also share a Fixed Cross of Matter which is controlled and focussed, but Lucia’s disassociated Cross of Matter brings in Cardinal energy helping her to initiate and challenge where change might be needed but she would have to consider that Caroline may initially object, resenting the change.

In a business relationship, the 7th house is revealing in understanding what each other’s expectations are and what they project onto the partner.  Lucia is projecting intense Scorpio energy onto Caroline and bringing her expectation of focus to the partnership. The ruler, Mars is in Virgo in the 5th, and it may indicate that Lucia expects that Caroline will take care of the creative details in the project. Mars has no aspect to Venus and no aspect to the Cross of Matter. It is possible that this expectation is not realised as Lucia believes.

On the other hand, Caroline has Leo as the 7th sign, indicating that she may be expecting Lucia to bring glory or recognition to all of their hard efforts in developing the software. The ruler, the Sun makes no aspect to Venus indicating that this may not be realised. Although the Sun does, in fact aspect Lucia’s Midheaven through a square, bringing a sense of possibility that Lucia gains the recognition through Caroline’s efforts.

Planets in the 7th also affect the quality of the business relationship and there are significant figures in both women’s charts. Lucia has Neptune in the 7th, which may bring the Neptune myth of victim, saviour, persecutor into the partnership. Lucia may not be realistic about what she believes Caroline brings to the partnership or she may have sense that she idealises or needs to ‘rescue’ Caroline.

Caroline also has planets in the 7th. She is projecting her Mars onto Lucia, which may result in Caroline ‘giving away’ her drive and assertiveness  and instead projecting this onto Lucia, expecting that it is her that brings the glory to the business. She is also projecting the Moon and her emotional needs. She must be very careful that it is her emotional needs that she is catering to in the partnership in addition to Lucia’s.

The synastry of the Venus in the women’s charts is also an indicator of the success of the partnership.  The desire for success and to make the partnership work and ultimately have success in developing and marketing their software product can be told by the placement of Venus in the chart.

As has been discussed, the Venus in both charts is in a weakened Cadent position. They will need to work harder to bring rewards.  Lucia’s Venus sextiles the Ascendant and trines the Descendant bringing opportunity and a good flow from working with a partner. She must be aware that with the ease of a trine, comes the problem of issues slipping up very quickly unnoticed.   Caroline’s Venus in rulership, brings strength to the cadency. Working in a partnership is beneficial for Caroline. The Venus aspects the Cross of Matter and so can realise drive and aspirations in being in a partnership. She would also be cautioned against taking the partnership for granted and to beware of her tendency to avoid conflict and avoid resolving small issues before they become big issues.

Other interesting points of synastry noted in a bi-wheel chart is the Uranus Venus conjunction suggesting an unusual partnership and perhaps one brought together with ideas, inventions or technology but with the danger of the partnership fragmenting through a push for individuality.

Lucia’s powerful Sun Pluto is comfortable with Caroline as it conjuncts her South Node but there is the potential for this power to overcome her drive and become a control issue.  Caroline’s own Sun Pluto may also have the potential to crush Lucia’ hopes and dreams as her fanatical eye for detail and organisation opposes Lucia’s Jupiter and her need to connect with others.

A word of advice and warning would be the need for power and control that a Sun Pluto has, and how each of them has this trait and how it might affect the other person.

It is easy to see in a synastry chart, that Caroline’s primary motivation to work together on the communicative technology in her day to day work  can be affected by Lucia’s need to do the same but yield some individuality.

In summary, both women have Sun Neptune aspects where they might feel they are sharing the same ideals and have a strong sense of creativity, but they would need to remain grounded to keep the business on track. An independently reviewed Business Plan may assist with this.

Overall, this is a good business partnership, with Lucia understanding special needs having worked in a primary school and amongst children and adults. In contrast, Caroline, as the software programmer, has a more intellectual approach, a more masculine driven chart which may need to exercise patience and restraint in developing the project but has an innate ability for detail. Both partners have an amazing ability to focus on the outcome and have wonderful creative talents. With careful consideration of each other’s primary needs throughout the process, I wish them well in their business pursuit.


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