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Synastry - Jordan and Danielle

 *Case studies are converted into a document to give an example of what a client can expect from a Synastry Consult Package. It should be noted that consults are generally verbal only. 

Author: Cathy Schier   2013

Jordan and Danielle have been involved in a relationship for the past couple of years. They live separate lives as they are both very committed to their careers. Whilst they both live in Sydney, up until now they have lived independently from each other but are now considering buying a home and moving in together. Danielle has been married previously and is particularly nervous that this new arrangement will mean she is about to give up her independence. This consult examines the strengths each brings to the relationship as well as what they need to be aware of in order to be able to take the relationship to the next level of commitment.

Planets in both Danielle and Jordan’s charts will describe the committed relationship that the couple seek. It will describe the strengths and what they bring to the relationship. It will also describe the things that they will need to be aware of within the relationship. The bi wheel synastry from both perspectives will colour the triggers and benefits that the charts bring and finally the composite chart paints a picture of the relationship as a whole.


Danielle is 47 years old and having been married before, is nervous about what this new arrangement will mean.  As a Mutable Cross of Matter, flexibility and having the opportunity to change is of critical importance to her. She is a Mutable Earth Ascendant, so she is driven by need and moves with care to ensure the details are right for her. She requires physical or material security and can be flexible to ensure that she is able to achieve this. Danielle needs to identify the issues before proceeding.

The ruler of her Ascendant is also in Earth .Her ruler can ‘sight’ the Ascendant and her thinking operates in a manner that is slow and careful to ensure that the details are sorted out for the longer term stability. A quincunx to the Ascendant at times proves frustrating in higher learning, travel or opportunities to broaden her outlook, but it also provides opportunities for communication and learning.  The ruler is in a Cadent house, so it is often difficult for her primary motivation to be realised, so it is important for her to carefully consider a move to a more serious commitment. She has the capacity to be versatile and flexible in this arrangement but it is crucial that she investigates the issues beforehand.  The ruler of her 7th house is Jupiter so she is expecting that her partner is broad minded and expansive. She can focus on minute details but she projects the ethereal boundless nature of Pisces onto a partner. Jupiter is in detriment and in Cadency in the 9th so there is a danger that the relationship is lost in information and logic and lacking in the freedom of imagination and free flowing thinking. The ruler does not aspect the Cross of Matter suggesting there are early indicators that there are some difficulties in realising her needs in a relationship.  Saturn conjunct the Descendant brings some control to the relationship and as she projects this Saturn she may expect that Jordan is responsible and serious at the expect of her own sense of structure and responsibility.

Danielle has tied her identity, sense of vitality to the partner as the ruler of her 7th house of relationships and partners is in a very close conjunction.  Under principles of ‘combust’, it is possible that her partners needs merge with own identity. The partner forms a close bond between her sense of identity and higher learning as well as the basis for her privacy and home.

Venus desires variety, communication and ideas in Gemini as it forms such a close conjunction to the Moon it is fair to say that Danielle’s emotional needs are met through conversation, social interaction and the exchange of ideas.  With a stellium of planets in the 9th and 10th house, she has striven for freedom and expansion in her work, higher learning and broadening her horizons. The possibility that this would not continue and that she would be stifled in the relationship is particularly worrying to her.

The Moon describes her femininity and it is possible that Danielle may be seen as very logical rather than warm and nurturing at times, due to the Moon in Gemini but she is a very good networker in her career matters and a gracious host. She has a good value system based on love and trust in others.

As a Sun Gemini and Mars Virgo, Danielle seeks the type of man that can match her intellect and be precise with details.  With Pluto Uranus and Mars aspecting her Sun, there is a tremendous amount of energy in the form of power, uniqueness and drive that comes from her subconscious and possibly becoming destructive as it overthinks or overanalyses. She is looking for a match in minds and someone that she share in intellectual matters but it also activates her deepest fears. Danielle harbours some intense fears and sorrows which contribute to a very strong subconscious drive.  This 12th house stellium illustrates her strong fear of not being independent and synastry between her and Jordan will need to support this statement as the potential is quite destructive.


Jordan also has a Mutable Cross of Matter, also bringing a degree of flexibility and the ability to change where necessary but his primary motivation is for freedom and opportunity, with Sagittarius on the Ascendant and the Chart ruler Jupiter driving towards friends and his own hopes and dreams.  Jordan has some difficulties achieving his primary motivation and push for freedom and opportunities can be scattered or frustrating.  His ruler can ‘sight’ the Ascendant and IC, so he can push forward to a degree but the Jupiter does not aspect the Cross of Matter, so there are certainly frustrations in realising his aspirations.

Jordan’s Midheaven is Virgo with the ruler in Earth geared to day to day service to others. He takes a pragmatic approach to his work, striving to ensure details are taken care of. He thinks slowly to make sure his work is perfect and will stand the test of time. He needs to work with other people and at times it is frustrating as he wishes to push forward with opportunities and take more risks but he sometimes lacks limits or finds there are difficulties in doing things that way. He is certainly a powerful thinker and can obsess over details for spend vast amounts of time working on a project that requires detailed thinking.

Jordan also has Venus in Gemini but unlike Danielle, it is tied to his Mars and is a little less gracious. He can be very motivated and can quite charming and self assured but there is the possibility that he has a strong sex drive and can put his own needs before hers.

In a partner, Jordan’s 7th house projects Gemini and with the ruler in Earth in a cadent house, he has some challenges around meeting his needs for a down to earth partner to level his spirited approach to life. His Venus does aspect the Cross of Matter in a trine. The relationship flows well around work and communication.

The Taurus Sun Saturn shows that he is a conservative and practical man by nature who has some level of authority about him.  Jordan seeks a woman who can share his love of knowledge and communication.

 The synastry between the couple show an enormous focus on communicating, ideas and work related information. The dynamic is busy, with both individual stimulating the other with new concepts, talk and energy. There are several dynamics in the synastry however, that serve as warnings as they prepare to live with each other.

Jordan’s Pluto conjuncts Danielle’s Ascendant showing that he is a powerful figure in her life but he could potentially be quite controlling.  There is also a possibility of upsets as Jordan’s Sun Uranus faces Danielle’s first house and struggles for freedom and individuality.  Although share a love of the outdoors and freedom to travel shown in Jordan’s Sagittarius Ascendant conjuncting Danielle’s IC, Jordan will need to have time to be himself in this relationship and to find his independence. Danielle’s emotional satisfaction and desire for communication at work and in public spheres can sometimes be diametrically opposed to Jordan’s drive and needs at home and in their private life.

Danielle and Jordan share a love of knowledge and is a meeting of minds but there is the danger that the relationship could be all about intellectual matters forgoing the warmth and nurturing that is also essential. Particularly as Jordan’s Aquarius Moon falls in Danielle’s 5th house and trines her Gemini Venus.   Jordan may need to take responsibility for time out and pleasure by organising sensual and nurturing experiences for the couple especially as both charts are so work and career focussed.  It will be easy for Jordan to detach and gain emotional satisfaction out of the activities that he gets pleasure from but in doing so he activates Danielle’s fears and sorrows. Issues can seem to come from nowhere as his Moon trines her Pluto Mars but he can also use this energy to empower her Mars and self assertion through the relationship.

Jordan may take control of Danielle’s finances but there is the chance that although Jordan may earn well, he may also overspend as his Jupiter falls in Danielle’s 2nd house. They have different values around money and debt and this might be an area to talk over and even discuss with a financial planner.  They share ideals around travel and higher learning and Jordan’s Mars conjuncts Danielle’s Sun Jupiter motivating her to broaden her outlook and expand her thinking. With the Danielle’s North Node conjuncting her Sun Jupiter, there is a sense that he is pushing her and motivating her for a reason and part of her soul’s journey.

A warning about all work and no play and all intellectual and minimal emotional connection, also comes with Jordan’s MC conjuncting Danielle’s Uranus, setting off the stellium. Jordan’s career and work aspirations can be potentially very cathartic and transformative to Danielle subconsciously but his work could also be a very damaging force for the relationship and could contribute to Danielle’s personal sorrow.  He habitually or instinctively works or follows his career but it can be terribly damaging to Danielle subconsciously as she finds her deep fears activated by his career aspirations and his habitual response to her fears, possibly making them visible.

Their day to day work and career is a huge part of their drive, desires, identity and thinking. Private time, withdrawing from the pressures of work must be factored into this relationship.

From Jordan’s perspective and reversing the bi wheels, they are very career focussed and bring power, status to the relationship via their work but at what cost personally?  Jordan’s Pisces IC indicates that home is a retreat and a place for spiritual regeneration. He has Saturn in the 4th house suggesting there are difficulties in achieving this and he must take responsibility for his own place of retreat. Danielle’s North Node falls in his 4th house, bringing a sense of her challenge being able to form roots and create a home base, that is also a place without the boundaries of details and perfection.

The Fixed Composite Chart shows an emphasis on the day to day work, routines and health, relationships, career and friends or groups. The Fixed Water derived Ascendant shows a very focussed and driven relationship which may lack flexibility despite the individual’s own Mutability.  This focus and drive consolidates individual delineation as well as discussions in synastry. Neptune in the Composite 1st house is the impression that the relationship gives to others, Jordan and Danielle must be aware that they might idealise their relationship and they need to consider what is illusionary in the relationship and what is real. They may also have a deep spiritual connection to one another. This Neptune forms aspects to other major planets in the Composite chart, so it is important that the couple understands the difference between their innate creativity in communication and ideas and the sense of confusion or idealisation that is possible in the relationship.

The couple value freedom but an area of life that is most likely to experience power struggles and the push for freedom is within friends and groups but also their individual hopes and dreams. Talking through their hopes and dreams, establishing their own identity within the partnership can bring about great personal transformation. The energy is intense and there is the potential for conflict. It is very important that Danielle and Jordan are aware of this heaviness and potential for betrayal as each person tries to push for their own hopes and dreams.   They are logical people and if they can support each other’s needs by talking and creating opportunities for freedom and independence, then the relationship has the power to be very strong.  The Composite Venus is placed in the 8th house of shared resources, crisis and change. There is good potential for the couple to work out issues around finances and property and be transformed by crisis and change. The Venus aspects to Jupiter and Saturn bringing hopefully, growth and expansion and structure.

Difficulties arise in day to day issues or health, where the Sun Saturn and Nodal axis falls.  Duties and responsibilities create issues around limitations and insecurity arises. Saturn emphasises reality and may create emotional stress. Understanding the duties and responsibilities and talking them over before the emotional stress becomes overwhelming will help to create a lasting relationship.  Where Neptune idealises the relationship, the Saturn Moon placement creates the reality check.  Where Jupiter provides growth and optimism in the Midheaven, Saturn provides the structure and boundaries. It is important that Jordan understands that his Primary motivation to seek opportunity and freedom has consequences for the relationship and that Danielle’s constant networking in her career has limitations to her new home life.

The Composite Sun in the 7th house expresses the energy that the two people represent. They stand for the relationship and  partnership of minds.  They can over-idealise but they have the ability to create a wonderful partnership. The Sun connects the Jupiter Pluto Uranus Neptune and Moon to form a very prevailing, transformative alliance.  Talking to each other, sharing ideals, debating views is an essential and key element of success in this relationship.


Jordan and Danielle bring strong synastry to their relationship in the form of ideas, knowledge and communication. They are also very work driven and support one another in their day to day work and career aspirations.  They respect each other’s need for freedom and share a love of the outdoors and travel.  To take this relationship to the next level and to commit to buying a home together, they must be aware of the potential for power struggles and destructive forces. Making time for pleasure, weekends away, eating out together will be an essential ingredient in turning the destructive forces into transformative and growth opportunities.  Jordan’s need for independence must be respected by Danielle, but Jordan must also recognise Danielle’s emotional desires and make time to honour them.  He must consider Danielle’s deepest fears and attempt to understand them logically and compassionately. Danielle must understanding that sharing a house and being part of a relationship does not need to compromise her need for independence. It is possible for both to enjoy their own interests and rejoin to talk and discuss each other’s passions.


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