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Predictive Consult - Kiara

*Case studies are converted into a document to give an example of what a client can expect from a Predictive Consult Package. It should be noted that consults are generally verbal only with notes.

Author and Consultant: Cathy Schier

Kiara has come to seek advice after coming through a period of financial difficulties and is now ready to purchase a home. It will be useful to delineate Kiara’s natal chart to understand the basic life patterns and drives and to assist in understanding how the next two years of transits activate her chart and determine the best time to make the purchase.

Natally, Kiara is Jupiter ruled, and as a masculine fire Ascendant, she is driven by challenge. With her chart ruler in another fire sign, her primary motivation has been for challenge, new experiences and the freedom to do the things she enjoys.  Her chart ruler trines a powerful Pluto Sun assisting this strong personality to push the boundaries in everything she does. She believes that she creates the opportunities for herself. The diurnal chart also suggests someone who has been driven to achieve public recognition and the stellium in the 10th reaffirms the notion that she is comfortable in the public sphere.  It will be critical to monitor Saturn when applying predictive methods and examining it through transits and profections.

A worrying pattern with Mars detrimented sextiling Saturn suggests her pattern of working very hard but making ill thought out investment decisions regarding debt and borrowing issues. This detrimented Mars is part of a Cardinal T square and it is the key to her pattern of conflicting energies in spheres of friends and groups and her own happiness. Does she play the role of saviour to then experience the conflicting sense of martyr ? Or the sense of teacher conflicting with the sense of persecutor ? The Mars at the apex of this T Square is not in a strong position but acting to manage and use debt and loans effectively to balance this conflict seems to be the key.   It suggests a sense of not seeing a connection between her action and her needs. The relationship between Saturn and the luminary is close  but distant in sign as they are ‘blinded’ (Garcia & Usher 2012) with nothing in common and have a difficulty relating. She feels happy relating to people and being with others but the Saturn may arise in circumstances that she can’t understand and hinders her personal connections and personal contentment.  She may find eventually the emotional security that comes from owning her own home alleviates this.  This out of sign conjunction has led to not being fully aware of what makes her feel emotionally secure due to the planets being blinded to each other. Kiara may talk of her experience of working very hard to create her own opportunities as Saturn is experienced as a Yin sextile with Mars in a water sign. She may state that opportunities are created from within and that perhaps others are not to be relied upon, having felt betrayed or left out throughout her life.   Further to this, her powerful Sun Pluto is ‘blinded’ to the Mars in Cardinal Water, so she unable to make a connection between her Sun’s drive and motivation and her ill directed action of a Mars in detriment. This would be a possibe factor to further discuss Kiara’s experiences. The lunar energy directly links the Dark Moon Lillith and aggravates this sense of disconnection to her true desires and how she views debt.  The Dark Moon Lillith in Kiara’s stage of life, has begun to assist her in consolidating her feelings toward debt and loans.

The North Node in her makes a strong statement about the importance of learning to develop a private and personal space, rather than public recognition and achievements.

In beginning to discuss Kiara’s predictive elements, the Fidaria for this period gives a background flavour to the time frame and environment in which her transits and returns are overlaid.  Given that Saturn and Jupiter play an important role in her home and sense of self natally, it is relevant to note that she has entered a Jupiter/ Saturn Fidaria period.  This indicates that after a period of working really hard and saving for a home, it is now time to reap the rewards. With Jupiter painting a positive picture, it does come with the caution of Saturn to consider carefully.  Saturn regulates Jupiter’s buoyant optimism and Kiara is familiar with both the exuberance of Jupiter and the hardworking Saturn as they are key points natally.  Kiara will see that the Fidaria fits with her current period of expansion and optimism and note that it comes in the form of restraint and care colouring the blind faith and enthusiasm. This period operates from 18 November 2012 to 6 August 2014.

From what has also been established, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars will be key players over the next two years.

In 2012, Kiara is 61 and her focus house is income, money or earnings. This is a succeedant house that does not provide Kiara with too many difficulties.  There is a link between her income, her career and public life and a flow of energy assisting her. 

The 2012 Solar Return chart has the Sun in rulership in an Angular first house position, it is strong and able to act and it also trines her natal Ascendant exactly. The sextiles to Jupiter bring opportunities and trine to Uranus a push for individuality. This year is looking opportunistic for Kiara, however, the position is cadent and weakening. Her attempts to search in the local community or communication with others may prove frustrating or debilitated in some way.  Venus aspecting the conjunction brings some hope from friends and groups but it may not be enough.

Mercury does aspect the Nodal Axis in a close trine bringing a sense of things moving along nicely but a the Mercury in Fixed Fire cannot see the Virgo second house in Mutable Earth yin, there are difficulties linking up earnings and income with tangible purchases. There is also a Yod in this Solar Return chart that needs to be addressed. The Yod links the Mercury to the 8th house via Neptune and has an intensity of pressure from Pluto. This Yod may well find Kiara compelled to do what she believes is right. With Fire and Water she find there is a break towards her goal and that it feels right, even ideal. She may also find that she is needing to make a practical decision.  Other factors in this chart, compel to warn Kiara of acting hastily.

Her natal Saturn is in neutral dignity in a strong angular house and with the sextile to Mars in the 8th, it suggests opportunities to spend, invest or take out a loan come from within. As discussed, Kiara, has a sense that she creates her own opportunities.  Transits for this period show Saturn squaring her natal Mars and highlighting difficulties and issues with monetary matters. It spends half the year retrograding in late degrees of Libra, activating by square her weakened Mars and possibly bringing difficulties during this time.  Mars spends time in March 2012 retrograding through her Solar Return second house, also highlighting income and earnings issues.  This is a year to be patient and not act hastily. There may be some difficulties in realising the property dream in 2012.

In 2013, Kiara is 62 is also Saturn ruled, but what is different about this year is that it is a cadent house. She may have the primary motivation to take on debt and purchase her home but the Mars in detriment is slow to act, misguided or detrimented through slow, emotional decision making or actions indicating that she might need time to retreat and think about her processes and her local community further. There are problems or hitches in pursuing her goal.  However communications or local community brings problems or sorrows .The Progressed Lunar phase is First Quarter from 26 May 2013 .  At this point, it is in her house of money and income suggesting vulnerable first steps in making having  a purpose but not able to confidently see the outcome just yet. Major transits for this year show Jupiter squaring her natal Moon in July and forming a square to her natal Jupiter in September 2013. She could easily over commit herself during this time. Saturn spends the second half of the year transiting her 12th house and she would be advised to take it easy and retreat privately. There is a possibility of illness or needing to recharge privately. With the ruler of her second house in the 12th, she is advised to not make major financial decisions during this time.

As Kiara turns 63 the following year in 2014, and her focus house moves to home. This is significant as the North Node resides natally and there is a sense of fatedness around this year. Circumstances work for her as the benefit of an Angular house works with Jupiter the benefic.  Natally Jupiter brings the sense of benefit and abundance is met head long.  Other transits and returns may trigger the Neptune Jupiter opposition and activate the Mars T Square, pushing her hopes and dreams and internal happiness into reality.  The Progressed Lunar phase is First Quarter from 26 May 2013 and by February 2014 it has reached to in fact, activate the Mars by opposition and trigger this natal T square into action.

For 2014, the Solar Return chart ascendant is Aquarius with the chart ruler. It is in a stronger angular position and trines the focus house ruler Venus.  Jupiter is also in a strong angular position and it forms part of a stellium with Mercury and Sun. Decision making is well thought out and advice is sought from influential people .Transiting planets also suggest that business contracts could be signed.

 This has a wonderful sense of hopes and dreams of security being realised.  The Moon is disposited by Venus in Cancer and  the Natal Ascendant statement. With Venus being the ruler of the 4th in this chart, the focus house ruler and the Natal conjunction to the South Node, this begins to feel comfortable and instinctual. Transits are significant this year as Jupiter begins to transit through her house of partnerships, contracts and deals  from the 4 August 2014. The transiting planet through her natal chart brings the great benefic to conjunct her Sun in the 8th on 20 September 2014. Consolidating debt, taking on a home loan and making the purchase, certainly seem favoured around this time and this brings her great happiness and emotional security as the trine to the Moon in her Solar Return 11th house contacts. Mars transits for this period also add another level. The transiting Mars conjuncts her Solar Return North node in early July 2014, sending a sense of ‘it’s meant to be’ and soon after it conjuncts the Solar Return Mars in rulership. The Mars is strong, angular and able to take action which is powerful for her natal Mars which is so weakened. By early September 2014, this transiting Mars is active in her 12th house and trines her natal Mars. Working behind the scenes, strengthens her ability to work out debt, loans and major purchases.

The other major player in Kiara’s chart was the Saturn and transits for this year are powerful and transformative.  Beginning in late 2013, Kiara will experience the life changing energy of three Saturn Pluto sextiles.  These powerful outer planets will bring about opportunities for total change and new beginnings.  Saturn Pluto transits can be quite overwhelming but for Kiara who is familiar with a strong Saturn and very powerful Plutonian energy, they provide life changing opportunities. Kiara may well ponder the question 'What doors are now open for me?'

A graphic ephemis clearly illustrates the time line for some very significant transits over 2014. The Jupiter conjunctions to important chart points beginning with the Mars conjunction in June 2014 and quickly following, the Sun Pluto conjunctions in September/October 2014.

By 25 June 2015, when Jupiter has crossed her Midheaven, she can review the developments in her life over the past three years. From 6 August 2014, she enters a Mars Fidaria and can confidently take action. It is the predictive environment of 2014,  that makes the strongest statements for beneficial action for Kiara. If she can be patient from now until then, riding waves of opportunity and avoiding misguided action, then she will be rewarded with a comforting sense of security that comes with owning her own home.


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