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Natal Chart - Candice

*This case study was a verbal consultation with notes. I have converted into a document to give an example of what a client can expect from a Natal Chart Consult.

Delineation Guild Assignment

Author and Consultant: Cathy Schier

Candice presents with a sense of frustration  and a lack of personal fulfillment  in spite of her business success.   Her natal chart makes several strong statements that confirm this and it will be useful to Candice to understand the sources of her frustration as her chart is delineated.

Candice’s primary motivation is in Mutable Air with the ruler in Cardinal Fire in the 11th house of groups, friends and causes. She would like to express herself by initiating contacts and communication that serve the bigger picture.  She may indeed express this through her time in the busy furniture business, however, the day to day communication and business contacts may leave her feeling that something is missing in the bigger picture of her ideals.  This may lead her to ponder her own hopes and dreams and think of the group or causes that she would ultimately like to support.

For Candice, the 11th house is important, she has a strong drive (Mars in rulership in Aries) to get things done and if there is not an outlet for this independent, initiating energy in the furniture business, she will feel frustration and a lack of fulfilment. With the Venus in detriment conjuncting this strong Mars (although it is the out-of-sect malefic in this diurnal chart), she may describe situations where she has initiated a plan of action only get others offside.  She may appreciate an explanation of how her Mars in rulership is able to initiate and challenge, creating new ways of doing things only to find that the Venus in detriment creates tense relationships even conflict as well as how she may have to work a little harder at creating happiness for herself.

Candice may also find that in forging ahead in the activities that motivate her (connecting and communicating with people) that she does things too quickly and independently (ASC ruler in Aries) and then needs to re-do or revise her initial plans. (Mercury retrograde).

It is critical for Candice to understand at this point that this primary motivation is expressed in her 11th house of ideals and not the 10th house of career.  It is essential that she is able to express herself in groups, causes and humanitarian activities and if there are no 11th house activities that she actively involves herself in, she will feel frustration.

There are also strong aspects to these 11th house planets adding to this sense, but it is necessary to first look at Candice’s career aspirations through her Midheaven. As an Aquarian MC, her personal aspirations are Fixed Air and likely to be coloured with a humanitarian ideal or search for knowledge.  With Pluto conjuncting her IC and opposing the Midheaven, there is a powerful presence from her father and his legacy affecting her career direction but not fulfilling her own personal aspirations. (Pluto opposing MC) . The ruler of the MC is in the 5th house of creative self-expression and it is impossible to ignore the Saturn Neptune statement despite the ruler having clear sight of the MC (Air 5th, Air MC).

Liz Greene (1976) describes the fifth house as much more than creative self-expression and it is in her description of Saturn in the fifth that concepts and experiences resonate with Candice’s experience. ‘There is a temporary barrier between the person and his self-realisation composed primarily of those shadowy attributes which he will not permit into consciousness’ (Greene, 1976, p. 81).  Candice’s self-realisation is blocked as she continues her father’s legacy. Greene describes the process as ‘the perfect outpouring and inner transformation is interrupted, and the man often pours his energy out’ (in Candice’s case, into the family business) ‘..and thinks that he receives nothing back because his own sense of inadequacy prevents him from realising that it has nothing to do with the audience (Greene, p.82).  Candice has a deep sense that something is missing from her ideals and hopes and dreams are not her own at present. This is highlighted by the Neptune conjunction to her Saturn.  The fifth house drive for recognition and self-expression is blurred with unmet idealism by the Neptune.  These two outer planets have nothing in common and the drive for hard work and stability becomes blurred by idealism and the story is personalised as both outers harshly aspect her personal drive for action and sense of connection through relationships (Saturn/Neptune conjunction opposing Mars and Venus).  The 11th house Saturn Mars and Saturn Venus indicate a level of conflict and frustration when trying to assert her ideals in groups and in relations with others.   The Saturn Venus brings distance in her relationships and difficulties connecting with others. The Saturn Mars brings a tremendous drive to get things done but could be seen by others as aggressive.

The Venus Mars combination is also coloured by the idealism of Neptune and it is difficult to see how this might be realised in the furniture business.  Candice may be able to describe events where she has viewed business relationships as being far more idealistic than the reality.

There are multiple statements within the chart that suggest frustration and a lack of personal fulfilment for Candice in the 11th house, and it is important to describe the Sun for Candice to fully understand her journey.  Tompkin’s (2002) describes the Sun as ‘the true purpose of our going as well as some of the challenges we are likely to meet along the way’. (Tompkins, 2002, p.4). This is in comparison to the Ascendent and its ruler which describe the vehicle we are travelling in and the way we have to go. She describes the solar principle as ‘I want, this is my purpose, my intention, my direction’ (Tompkins, p.4) ‘Here I want to be myself. Here I want to be special.. I want to be unique and I want to be an individual in my own right’. (p.4).  Candice’s Sun in the 11th describes a hero that faces a challenge of fulfilling father’s legacy while becoming a distinct individual and finding her own identity within the collective ideals of the 11th house.  As the ruler of the 11th is in the 12th, Candice may discover she has an innate ability to champion 12th house causes.

In a diurnal chart, the Pisces Sun has a natural sense of groups and causes. Her journey will be about merging with the collective and developing her own spiritual ideals. (Pisces Sun in 11th). This is a good place for her diurnal Sun and her journey may not be as difficult as she imagines. Her Pisces Moon makes a similar statement and she needs to feel a sense of fulfilment. The Moon is in the 10th and rules the 12th   and 7th .  Without a sense of fulfilment in her work and career, she is likely to feel the 12th house sorrows but in partnering with someone she may find success.

On a practical level, Candice’s 2nd house of income and personal values has Uranus making a personal statement (Uranus trine Moon) about needing to take an independent role in earning an income. To make her feel satisfied (Moon) she needs to feel that she can make an income without relying on her father’s legacy.  With a lunar statement in the 10th house, it is important that Candice’s feels a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment in her 10th house career  and public life.

The Uranian energy attached to the Moon will deeply coloured her sense of security. She may need to activate this independence to completely fulfil her lunar security and make her own mark on the business or her career.

To truly satisfy her journey in this lifetime , it is important as an Astrologer to describe the nodal axis for Candice.  Her Nodal axis sits on the 3rd-9th house axis and the inner map of her life is to develop knowledge and beliefs through broadening her horizons spiritually and intellectually.  Strong statements about humanitarian causes, group ideals and personal aspirations towards this are further highlighted in her Aquarian North Node.  In achieving this, she must acknowledge that she has a need for, and tendency to rely on the familiar – her father and her business, rather than developing her own belief system. She will begin to satisfy her soul’s journey in this lifetime and find her ‘individual treasure’  when she begins to develop ‘broader horizons , physically and mentally..’ (Garcia, M. 2012, p.239) .  The rulers of her nodal axis are Sun-Saturn (Leo-Aquarius axis) and make the statement that the nature of the journey is of credibility, respect and integrity, which Candice faces if she is to follow her heart and leave the business.  To strive for her North Node, Candice must ‘face the dragon’ and issues of respect and credibility. She may be driven back to what is safe, at the dragon’s tail or South Node, which is the credibility and reassured respect that his her fathers business.  The ruler of the North Node, Saturn is exalted in Libra and in a succeedant house.  Her succeedant Sun works hard against an exalted Saturn.  Candice has described the business that her father started over thirty years ago and how she has expanded to th success it is now.  The sense of frustration she now feels is part of the nodal journey in needing to extend herself but feeling the dragon’s head as issues of her fathers integrity are raised.  With Pluto conjuncting the South Node, the power of her father is felt and it seems the journey must also have a level of destruction in order to face her 9th   house challenge.

While young, Candice may not have the skills or experience to take this step but after her second Saturn return, at around 57-58, once again highlighting self-expession, she may find herself with the tools and confidence to strike out for the Dragon’s head and North Node drive for individual experience.


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