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Business Predictive Consult - Sara

 *Case studies were converted into a document to give an example of what a client can expect from a Predictive Consult Package. It should be noted that consults are generally verbal only with some notes included.

Author and Consultant: Cathy Schier

Sara has come for advice on setting up her own film studio for making short features and commercials which is a career where she already has a good track record. She is intending to do this over the next two years 2014 through to 2015. She would like to know what to expect work wise and how to best use the planetary energies in developing her business.

Natally, Sara is Jupiter ruled and as a feminine water Ascendant, she is driven by need and emotional security. With her Mutable chart ruler in a masculine fire sign, her primary motivation is driven by a need for financial independence and to this she brings flexibility and the ability to adapt. This is supported by Mars in rulership.  This already makes a strong statement about the need to be in business for herself. The chart ruler squares Saturn bringing discipline, focus and tenacity and as it sextiles Mercury in rulership, she is driven to work hard and use her mind creatively.  It is evident that she could create opportunities for income through her entrepreneurial talents and the transits will illustrate the environment she will encounter.   Her Nocturnal chart suggests someone who prefers to work behind the scenes and out of the limelight but given that she is experiencing her Pluto square she is seeking to reinvent herself bring public visibility. The Saturn Venus and Aquarius Moon in the 12th also suggest that she might prefer to work independently and behind the scenes,  bringing a sense of individuality. Transits and progressions that assist her to make contact with others and network will be beneficial to this chart. The ruler of Sara’s Midheaven is also Jupiter and as the Ascendant ruler can clearly ‘sight’ the Midheaven, it will be critical to monitor the effects of Jupiter transits over the next two years.  It is also useful to identify in Sara’s chart, the Mystic Rectangle pattern and the involvement of her Sun (identity and vitality ), sextiling her Mars (drive and confidence) opposing the powerful and controlling Pluto and Neptune.  Transits and progressions that contact this mystic rectangle may play out by triggering four areas of her life personally and professionally.  Like a Grand Cross pattern, Sara has four areas of her life emphasised in this pattern. However, the Mystic Rectangle is softer and less challenging as it does not have the harder aspects.  While she was younger, she may have found her efforts to push through dilemmas were frustrating. Since she is more mature and wiser, she can exert a more controlled and gentler effort to achieve the desired outcome of developing her business.  She may find that in setting up her business, she cannot singularly rely on her creative reputation and that she will need to activate her Mars in a controlled manner to achieve cash flow and good clientele in a business.  In the predictive environment, transits that trigger the mystic rectangle may assist her in gently activating the four areas in a manner that ensures the success of her creativity in business.


In beginning to discuss Sara’s predictive environment, it will be useful to describe the Fidaria for this time. Sara completes a Mars subperiod Jupiter Fidaria in 2014. She is now keen to take action as she has had the optimism and confidence of the Mars/Jupiter to carry her. She is feeling that she has the energy and drive to expand and grow (Jupiter).  It is important that she is aware of this energy and is able to temper it before she enters the current critical period for her identity and reputation to shine in May 2014 in a Sun Fidaria. The Sun Fidaria is a time to establish her identity with pride and authority and she carries this flavour until November 2015, when she can enjoy the results of her hard work in a Sun/Venus Fidaria.


On the 3rd December 2013, Sara entered a  Progressed Lunar Phase New Moon ’. A seed was planted and a new project initiated which is significant for Sara as she wishes to ‘birth’ a new business showcasing her creativity and talents. The Progressed Moon has squared her Uranus. This was a push for independence in finances using her creative reputation.  It was an uncertain time for her as her project is new and it is difficult to feel confident about the future. Between now and 2017, when she enters a First Quarter Progressed Lunar phase, she will feel fragile and nervous. Her creative ‘baby’ is taken into her day to day work and she works hard to bring the business into fruition. Demetra George states that ‘it is important to trust that this new energy has a purpose and to instinctively follow where it leads you.’ (George, D. p.44) It will be difficult to see how her business will eventuate and she will need to trust.


Using a traditional predictive system of Profections, there is focus on home, roots or father for 2014. There are difficulties realising her primary motivation through this house.  The warning for Sara is that she may need to go over details several times or clarify communications more than once. She will need to understand the pattern over re-doing or going over information, communications and details. She may have to concentrate her attention to home, or work from home at the start of the business. It is also indicating that partnering with people, signing contracts and working with people is a strong focus of the year.


In the Cardinal Solar Return chart for 2014, Sara has a strong emotional drive to initiate and nurture her small business and this is a strong focus of the year.  The Solar Return Ascendant conjuncts an exalted Jupiter, bringing boundless enthusiasm, opportunities for growth and development but it comes with temperance and discipline as it trines the Saturn. As Sara is so focussed on nurturing her baby and growing her own business, Saturn in the 5th of the Solar Return chart brings discipline and focus to her creative endeavours.

Her drive and efforts to grow the business could easily be rash or misguided. She may make emotionally based decisions rather than sensible business choices.  Her thinking may be incredibly creative and limitless in ideas but she may take too much time and be unable to make deadlines or necessary boundaries that are crucial in a business environment.  Sara is well advised to take the advice or opportunities presented by down to earth women or female business groups that can offer sensible advice for running her business.  Powerful or controlling people  may cause frustrations or difficulties but the information may also be beneficial and create opportunities behind the scenes.

There is certainly no limits to the focus on film making at this time. She must be careful to not be blinded by this and to take opportunities to ground herself and keep well planned business decisions at the forefront of her mind.  Her normal vitality may be sapped this year and she may need to retreat and recharge. Losing herself in her filmmaking may cloud her logical thinking and affect business decisions.

Her career aspirations are well and truly part of her day to day work and bringing her creative project to fruition is a focus for this year. There are certainly frustrations in her day to day work affecting communications but they bring opportunities for business development.


 Mercury has three retrograding periods throughout 2014. Sara would be cautioned to use this time to go over details, re-check information and someone else to check contracts and specific details. As she has a retrograded Mercury natally, this is something she may do, but these periods impact on critical areas of her business. The first Mercury retrograde period runs from 6 February until the 27th February 2014, she will need to scrutinise finances, loans or debt arrangements. She will need to be aware of payment arrangements and overdue accounts because cash flow issues may arise from unpaid contracts.

The next retrograde transit occurs from 8th June until 2nd July 2014 when Mercury again highlights checking details but this time it contacts the Solar Return Ascendant. Sara comes face to face with misinformation or the need to review. Sara may be misinterpreted, misquoted or have difficulties in her local area. This is time to slow down and review her business and her client profiles as well as how she is promoting herself in the local area.

The third and final retrograde action of Mercury occurs in her 4th and 5th house. This is important to note as the movement impacts her focus house. From 4th October to 25th October 2014, Sara has another opportunity to review her business plan, tighten her filmmaking schedule and organise her accounting and paperwork. She may find that she is undertaking more and more of the business side of her studio at home especially as the focus house of home and family and the transit retrogrades back to the home base. Family may be needed or come into focus to support or compete with the demands of the business.

Mars transits throughout 2014 but it contacts her natal Neptune at the end of September 2014. The fast moving planet may momentarily bring drive and energy to her creative talents and trigger the Mystic Rectangle identified in her chart. This gentle, creative force now has drive and challenge to take risks but she is warned to not focus on just one area and keep the other three areas active.

The year also begins with Jupiter, her chart ruler, retrograding through the Solar Return first house. Her energy and optimism of previous years is being faced. This may manifest as Jupiterian growth being experienced first hand. Brady describes Jupiter transits as impacting your world view, what you are learning and what you are mastering. She also warns that Jupiter transits for strong natal Jupiter charts can lead to ‘excessive, obsessiveness’ that can leave you exhausted (Brady, p.6).

Jupiter ingresses Leo near the start of the financial year 17th July 2014, this is important for Sara to note as it marks the entry of her Solar return 2nd house of earnings and finances. Cash flow could be good right now but there must be a warning about excess and taking earnings for granted. The Jupiter does not oppose any planets in the 8th and directly affect borrowings or loans but this is not a time to be overoptimistic about earnings. The Jupiter transit trines her natal Nodal Axis bringing a sense of ease to her journey. On the 18th August, the transiting Jupiter trines the Natal Mars boosting profits and earnings, this also activates the Mystic Rectangle chart pattern in one of four areas of her life highlighting cash earnings.

Jupiter transits for 2014 end with another retrogradation in December. From 8th December Jupiter moves back for the remainder of the year. This is the opportune time to honour her loyal clients and spend some of her business earnings on an end of year celebration. She may not be aware that networking is beneficial to her business as natally she has a Saturn Venus and may not prioritise socialising. Natally, this transit is marked by reviewing her day to day operations and growth over the past year as transiting Jupiter sextiles the Natal Mercury.

Neptune transits play a significant role during 2014 and while they may bring strong creative talents to the fore, there must be a warning of being aware of the lack of boundaries and tendency to idealise situations beyond their worth. The final hit of three transit contacts of Neptune, occurs in Feb 2014 it directs squares her Midheaven and this could bring a sense of disillusion or lack of clarity to her goals. She may be too idealistic about her business goals. Creativity could override common sense. On the 24th April, a three hit transit begins by contacting her Ascendant and her Solar Return Neptune Sun Mars and Mercury aspects.  It will be very difficult to make clear decisions now but it is very favourable for creative output. This is again a reminder to access down to earth advice or professional help in establishing a  business.


In 2015, Sara turns 40 and her Profected Lord is the Moon. This is a succeedant house and energies are waning from last years angular focus house, she will need to work harder to achieve the same results.   After the buoyancy of the Jupiter transits last year, Sara is focussed on bring success into her film making business. The Lord of the Solar Return Ascendant, Mars, is in a masculine sign, suceedant but conjunct the Sun and Mercury. The statement suggests strength, drive, vitality and Mercurial thinking but being in the 8th, she may need to access these attributes through other peoples resources. There is the potential that she faces crisis in her career aspirations.  The South Node in Aries in the Solar Return 6th house, suggests that she instinctively reverts to doing it all on her own, but the Neptune Moon aspect suggests stunning filmmaking but needing others to assist her in business management as she lacks clarity. The strong Jupiter Mars sextiles suggest other peoples resources bring drive and motivation to her public image and business standing. 

A Pluto Jupiter Mars Yod brings a focus on power in her local community, a recognised business name through her motivation and drive. Women in business groups serve to broaden her scope and assist in the flow of her business motivations.

Saturn opposing the Mercury suggests caution with spending and earning and to carefully monitor contracts or verbal agreements and could bring irresponsible spending.

A time to watch finances, cash flow and unexpected expenses occurs during March and April 2015, with the sudden impact of transiting Uranus. From February and direct on 15 March 2015, Uranus makes an exact conjunction to her natal Mars in the 2nd house of finances, earnings and opposing the 8th and possibly outstanding customer accounts.   It then conjuncts the Jupiter in the 2nd house on the 10th April affecting income and creative pursuits. In a series of oppositions and squares affecting her MC, Asc and Sun, she will feel rattled. This problematic transit continues during November and December as it retrogrades and Sara is advised to expect the unexpected and keep an eye on finances.

Neptune transits contacting her Ascendant and squaring her Midheaven continue to blur the boundaries, confuse business goals and distort clear thinking. This continues from 2014 and contacts in late February and November 2015. This is time to take advice from experienced professionals and access the women’s business groups.

Beginning in January 2015, Saturn conjuncts Natal Nodal Axis and Midheaven with three hits throughout the year. She may become an authority or gain reputation in her feature films and commercials.  As she already has a good track record and the previous year helped to establish her business, this Saturn transit brings a sense of being on the right track. Sara has gained a good reputation for her creative output and business sense.  Saturn transits can also bring new challenges or difficulties and with the conjunctions she may absorb the Saturnian energy but encounter challenging clients or colleagues.

All in all, Sara experiences a roller coaster journey as she establishes her business. There are many positive and opportune moments for her to develop the business and extend her clientele. She is advised to seek professional business advice and to ensure that details are taken care of if she feels confused or unable to create boundaries between her creativity film making talents and the more mundane but critical business management skills.  She is now aware of challenging periods and is advised to monitor the transit dates on her business calendar and to network with other women in business to fully realise her ambitions and manifest the potential of her chart.


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