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A brief overview

I've always been fascinate by the great unknown and as I've observed the world around me and noticed the ebbs and flows and patterns everywhere. I'm fascinated by the stars and planets, the mythology and links to our own private universe – our subconscience.

Seagoat Philosophies comes from the seagoat glyph of Capricorn, the ancient glyph of the Seagoat is half goat and half fish. I like to think that my philosophy of not getting caught up in the latest new age trend but to carefully research and use the ancient tools and adapt them to the modern world needs meets a critical need right now. Where down to earth, trustworthy advice comes from using traditional astrological methods with more esoteric modern psychological concepts and intuitive counselling. The esoteric fish symbolises the need for empathy, nurturing and deep personal understanding in the profoundly powerful psychological understanding that it achieves.

Following my successful completion of a professional astrology qualification in traditional astrological methods, I have begun a private practice in using the universal energies in interpreting people's natal charts to understand private drives, motivations, emotional needs and blocks. It is a fascinating journey as the universe 'above' guides our life on earth 'below' – As above, So below.

Over the last few years, I have been continually been asked: 'What's going on with the stars Cathy? because.. '. It has been a very challenging time for all since 2008 and through this blog I hope to share my observations and knowledge to assist you in understanding your special place in the universe.

I have also completed practitioner training in using the Australian Bush Flower Essences to support emotional healing. Flower essences have been used for thousands of years and offer profound change on an emotional and esoteric level. You can find out more under Emotional Support and Custom Blends tabs but I will be talking about the essences as part of this blog.

If this interests you, then I know you will love following my blog and if you are ready for a new perspective on an old issue, then don't hesitate to get in contact regarding a chat or consultation.