Emotional Support with Flower Essences

bushessence2.pngAustralian Bush Flower Essences were developed in Australia by Ian White, a fifth generation herbalist and naturopath. Bush flowers from all over Australia have been researched by Ian and the rare remedial qualities of Australian native plants accessed. Cathy has studied directly under Ian and has a solid understanding of the individual essences.

Cathy believes that the body needs to be treated on a physical, emotional and esoteric (spiritual) or energetic level. Western Medicine is good at healing on a physical level but without treating holistically, true healing can never occur.

The effect of the Essences on the emotional and spiritual plane is to release negative beliefs held in the subconscious mind and for balance to be restored and true healing to occur.

customblends2.pngFlower essences are safe to use in pregnancy, with babies, children, teenagers and the elderly. We are also able to make a blend for animals.

You can purchase general blends in our online store or book an appointment to have a Custom Blend created for your requirements.

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